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Natalie Kauffman, owner and principal photographer of Brown Eyed Girl Productions has been working as a photographer since 1995 and a visual artist since 1989. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1994 from Concordia University in Montreal. She took her love of painting and drawing and while living on Martha's Vineyard Island, began hand colouring black and white photographs. This "hobby" turned into a vocation for Natalie, earning her several awards and exhibitions throughout North America in places such as New York City, Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Montana, Montreal, and Toronto. Natalie also attended the New England School of Photography in Boston and The Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Montana where she completed a professional photography program. It was in Montana that her love affair with ghost towns and abandoned farms began. "I love looking at a place that has a human story but no humans present. For me, that just lets the imagination run wild!"

Natalie also began her teaching career while living on Martha's Vineyard. "I am not a technical person by nature and as a photographer you have to learn the mechanics of the camera in order to be a photographer. I appreciate how hard it is to learn and therefore I make it as accessible as possible to my students, because I know what its like. I also like to have fun with learning. I believe you retain more information if you are enjoying yourself."

Having developed and taught photography courses at Toronto Image Works and Avenue Road School for the Arts, Natalie began offering her own courses through her company Brown Eyed Girl Productions in 2001. The success of her courses has seen several of her students go on to lead their own photography careers. "I love keeping in touch with students to hear about what they are doing. I think I end up learning as much from them as they do from me. Photography offers so many different directions and I'm always amazed at what people accomplish and create."

Natalie's current favourite subject matter? Her two children. "Having two young kids is an excellent way to document a subject. I try to always have my camera out and ready because there are so many opportunities in just one day to capture so much. Little kids are great to photograph; they're very expressive and they're not camera conscious yet so they're very real. I love it!"

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